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FP&A Insights is a collection of interesting and useful case studies from the leading international companies, thought leadership insights from FP&A experts. We aim to help you keep track of the better practices in modern FP&A, recognise and be well equipped for changes in the evolving world of financial planning and analysis. 

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FP&A Insights

The Traditional Budget: Dinosaur or Do-Over?
March 13, 2018

A move beyond traditional budgeting does not necessarily mean losing the budget. Rather, it’s important to reduce some of the traditional planning approach and taking a modern, flexible view of how to best remain agile and perform better. Initiating a change in budgeting philosophy, improving stakeholder relationships, introducing a rolling forecast preferably powered by data analytics and developing an ongoing gap analysis between the budget and rolling forecast, were some of the groups experienced suggestions.

Demand Forecasting is Mostly About Data Exploration
March 9, 2018

By Hans Levenbach, PhD, CPDF author of Change & Chance Embraced

Hans Levenbach, PhD is Executive Director, CPDF Training and CertificationProfessional Development Programs. He conducts hands-on Workshops on Demand Forecasting for multi-national supply chain companies worldwide. He is group manager of the LinkedIn groups (1) Demand Forecaster Training and Certification, Blended Learning, Predictive Visualization, and (2) New Product Forecasting and Innovation Planning, Cognitive Modeling, Predictive Visualization.

He invites you to join if you have interest in sharing conversations on these topics.

LinkedIn profile: Hans Levenbach

As most forecasting methods require data, a forecaster analyzes the availability of data from both external and internal sources. The availability of external data is improving rapidly. With the explosion of Internet websites, potential sources of valuable data are becoming limitless. With unstructured data, the need for data mining tools has become a necessity for exploring potential sources of data for consumer analyses and predictive modelling purposes.

FP&A – just for budget time?
March 6, 2018

By Simone da Silva Collins, Finance Business Partner at The Warranty Group

Simone da Silva Collins is an FP&A professional working in The Warranty Group, one of the world's premier global providers of warranty solutions and related benefits.

She provides business partnering and assists in development of MI to operations heads at TWG. Prior to joining TWG, she was the Finance Manager at Polycom (taken private by private equity firm Siris Capital Group) and provides business partner support to various departments in EMEA. She was previously the Group Finance Analyst supporting the Executive Team at Intec (now part of CSG), a provider of Business Support System (BSS) software and related services, primarily for the telecommunications industry. She also worked for Telewest (now part of Virgin Media) for over 7 years providing commercial and financial support to the Interconnect team.

Simone is originally from Macau in SE Asia. She gained her Masters at Manchester Business School. In addition to being ACCA qualified, Simon has also achieved FP&A accreditation.

FP&A does not work in the finance silo of providing backward looking analysis of what has happened. They arm themselves and their operational and departmental leaders with the “why” of the performances and develop insights on trends. In the leading state of the FP&A Business Partnering Maturity model, FP&A is a credible partner that the business leaders can rely on when developing a sound strategy.

How to Manage Forecasting Risk?
March 4, 2018

By John Stretch,  MD at Stretch Business Training

In an uncertain and fast-changing world, line managers need to be made aware of the uncertainties and risk inherent in the financial forecasts provided to them. Uncertainty is difficult to manage but uncertainties can be converted into known risk as forecasting capabilities and data management improve.