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FP&A Insights is a collection of useful case studies from leading international companies and thought leadership insights from FP&A experts. We aim to help you keep track of the best practices in modern FP&A, recognise changes in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and analysis and be well equipped to deal with them.

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FP&A Insights

5 Roles that Will Help You Broaden Your FP&A Experience
September 21, 2018

By Douglas Yeung, CPA, Epitelligence Consulting

There is no lack of discussion about the skill sets that FP&A professionals need throughout their careers to be successful; even a cursory search on the Internet would provide a wealth of resources.  Broadly speaking, those articles focus on four areas of skills:

FP&A: Are You Providing Insight or Just Information
September 19, 2018

By Andrew Jepson, Senior Finance Consultant, Revenue Management Expert

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of professional and commercial experience. After commencing his career in Assurance, he moved into industry and held various senior finance roles in several industries such as FMCG, food ingredients, software and property & construction. He has worked both domestically in Australia as well as globally in the UK and Europe.

Driving by a passion to improve the accounting industry Andrew is the owner of his own consulting business focused on Freelance/Part time CFO services, Revenue Management for FMCG companies, and Training and Development for finance teams.

Following this passion, Andrew has become one of Australia’s leading presenters and authorities on finance business partnering. He is a published author on the topic having recently released the book Compliance to Commercial: The QUIET approach to Finance Business Partnering and facilitates the Development Program of the same name in Australia.

Andrew Jepson's LinkedIn account: www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-jepson-35635812/

One of the biggest transformations in the finance departments recently, has been the shift for an Accountant to move from a compliance and governance based individual, to an insight driven value added business partner. In the past, accountants could get by doing monthly reporting, statutory accounts and tax returns and justify their role within an organisation.

The One Big Value Driver that FP&A’s has Always Known About
September 18, 2018

By Andrew Codd, Founder and Lead Producer The Strength In The Numbers Show

The author Andrew Codd is the producer of the Strength in the Numbers Podcast which interviews real finance practitioners to break down their hard-won lessons and deconstruct their practical methods that work on the job and which you won't typically find in textbooks or exams so that we create more influential finance professionals worldwide who solve meaningful problems for their organisations and in return have fun, rewarding and successful careers in finance.

Andrew Codd's LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewcodd/

FP&A teams have been growing in popularity because they have always known about one big thing that drove and accelerated value better than anything else, which other functions and teams sometimes forget. This is why organisations then, and even those today, need a FP&A team. So what is this one big thing? 

Deploying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in FP&A
September 17, 2018
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By Nilly Essaides, Senior Research Director Finance/EPM at The Hackett Group 

I was recently invited to join FP&A-Trends’ Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Committee by Larysa Melnychuk, managing director. The AI/ML committee is comprised of finance practitioners and data-management/science experts. This blog is based on the committee’s first two meetings in 2018.