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FP&A Trends TV Series is a unique educational project featuring global thought leaders and passionate Financial Planning and Analysis professionals. 


In view of the recent significant transformations in the FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) world, the main goal of this project is to share and promote better practices in FP&A.


Within its framework, we are going to share latest trends, case studies, and insights with our expanding FP&A community.


Watch the episodes below to keep on top of the modern FP&A.

The FP&A Trends Group and  Ducascopy TV are happy to announce the launch of   the FP&A Trends TV Series. The main goal of the project is to share and promote better practices in Financial Planning and Analysis. These educational series will involve many global thought leaders and...
In this episode of the FP&A Trends Series Ramkumar Balasubramaniam, Head of FP&A  and MI at Barclays Bank in the UAE and a member of Dubai FP&A Board, shares his thoughts on latest FP&A trends in the banking industry. 
In this episode of the FP&A Trends Series Gary Cokins, recognised business analytics expert, author-president of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, shares his insights on forces that create modern FP&A. Learn about the key success factors that modern FP&A should take into...
In this episode of the FP&A Trends TV Series, Dr Steve Morlidge, CPM Thought Leader and Author of ‘The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting’ and ‘Future Ready’, outlines the ideas behind Beyond Budgeting and the benefits it can bring to organisations. ​​  


FP&A TV Series

FP&A Trends TV Series is a collection of the videos featuring thought leaders and senior finance practitioners sharing their valuable first-hand experience and valuable insights on the specific subjects in the field of FP&A.