London Board

The London FP&A Board was established on 19 September 2013. Since then, it has met 20 times to guide the development and promotion of better practices in global FP&A, identify and support new trends, skillsets and innovations. 

We are immensely grateful for our speakers’ valuable contributions. We are also grateful to all the members of the London FP&A Board for their passion and ongoing support. Together we find the best ways to meet the challenges of FP&A in the 21st-century.
Please see below for information about our previous and forthcoming events in London.

  1. "London FP&A Board Formation: Mission, Goals and Principles" on 19 September 2013
  2. "What Makes an Ideal FP&A Professional" on 5 December 2013
  3. "The Key Tech Requirements of an FP&A System" in February 2014
  4. "Insight Management Puts Data to Use" on 1 May 2014
  5.  "FP&A Data Visualisation" in September 2014
  6.  "Moving FP&A toward Advanced Analytics" in December 2014
  7.  "Latest Trends in FP&A" in April 2015
  8.  "London FP&A Board: New Strategic Plan" in November 2015
  9.  "Challenges for the 21st Century FP&A: Sense-making and Storytelling" in January 2016
  10.  "FP&A Analytical Transformation" in March 2016
  11.  "Rolling Forecast Best Practices" on 18 May 2016
  12.  "Best Practices in Driver-Based Planning" on 22 June 2016
  13.  "The Evolution of FP&A Business Partnering" on 15 September 2016
  14.  "Long-Range and Strategic Planning. Evolution of Strategic Finance" on 15 November 2016
  15.  "Integrated FP&A: How to Harmonize Organisational Planning Processes" on 2 February 2017
  16.  "FP&A Team Building" on 20 April 2017
  17.  "Beyond Budgeting Philosophy: Are We Ready for the Change?" on 28 September 2017
  18.  "FP&A Transformation through Organisational Structure" on 21 November 2017
  19.  "A New Era for Zero Based Budgeting" on 15 March 2018
  20.  "FP&A Team Building" on 26 June 2018
  21.  "Building FP&A of the Future" on 20 November 2018
  22.  "Integrated FP&A" on 7 March 2019
  23.  "Long-Range and Strategic Planning: evolution of the process" on 16 May 2019
  24. "The Power of Driver Based and Predictive FP&A" on 12 September 2019
  25. "Best Practices in FP&A Storytelling" on 14 November 2019