Webinar. Driver-based Analysis: Empowering the Right Decisions

Any business decision-making process requires both analytics and judgment. However, in the environment of black swans and perfect storms, the decision-making process needs to become more analytical.

One of the biggest FP&A challenges is how to identify key business drivers from the ocean of data.
By understanding key metrics that drive value, organizations can significantly improve their understanding of different business outcomes.

A driver-based analysis approach is one of the winning methods for the effective decision-making process.
Our upcoming global FP&A Webinar will be devoted to the popular subject of  driver-based decision making


Driver-based Analysis: Empowering the Right Decisions


Tuesday, 24 April 2018


2 - 3 pm UK Time (the registration link will translate it to different time zones) 



  1. Driver-Based Analysis: key definitions and concepts
  2. Case Study from DB Regio AG (Germany). Presentation by Tanja Schlesinger, VP Finance (Region Central)
    • Get to know your key drivers!
    • Starting out with one key area only?
    • Data- driven transformation: a necessity or annoyance?
    • Is there a need for a single point of truth?
    • How do we get the right decisions?
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations


Tanja Schlesinger, VP Finance at DB Regio AG, Region Central

Webinar Facilitators:

Larysa Melnychuk, CEO at FP&A Trends group and MD at International FP&A Board

Ernie Humphrey, CEO at 360 Thought Leadership Consulting