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Strategic Planning is about ‘Talks & Figures’

By: Richard Reinderhoff, Freelance Consultant Strategy & Operations​

A ‘financial’ strategist is a strategist first, and a financial second. For decades financials have been applying solutions to become a strategic business partner for the C-suite, from financial engineering and tax planning, to centralising (global) operations and deep analytics today. To avoid drilling deeper and still find nothing, reverse engineering the strategic role of the financial will show another route to be of value and increase the yield on IRR or profits with double digits… 

A Pragmatic Approach to Achieving Integrated Business Planning Once and for All

​By Michael J. Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of FinanceSeer LLC 

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a coordinated approach to planning that is designed to achieve greater alignment between the Strategic, Financial and Operational levels within an organization.
Since the birth of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM/CPM), Integrated Business Planning has always been touted as the ultimate “future state” environment that all organizations should aspire to.  

Establishing Competency in Strategic Finance

by Michael J. Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of FinanceSeer LLC 

As a thought leader in Strategic Finance for the past 15 years, I’ve seen companies greatly improve their Integrated Planning capabilities by adopting a well-defined Strategic Finance process.
When executed correctly, Strategic Finance is the linchpin between Strategic Planning and Budgeting.  It helps organizations turn strategic thinking into reality by cascading thoughts and goals into measurable financial outcomes.

This article describes how to establish sustainable success in Strategic Finance, one step at a time.

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Seven Key Dimensions of CPM Business Model

by Michael Coveney, co-author of "Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in Uncertain Times"

The central CPM business model requires multi-dimensional technology. Whether this is an OLAP or ROLAP database is irrelevant, however, the members that make up each dimension will need to be assigned ‘attributes’ that will allow them to be reported and analyzed in ways other than their physical structure / hierarchy within the model. 
The CPM business model will typically consist of 7   key dimensions that are described in this article.

Seven Essential Tips for Strategic Finance

by Michael J. Huthwaite, Founder and CEO of FinanceSeer LLC 

Over the past 15 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with numerous Corporate Finance teams from around the world in an effort to help them get the most out of their strategic modeling practices. Over this time, I have uncovered a common pattern of reoccurring misconceptions and pitfalls that I believe routinely inhibit companies from maximizing their strategic modeling capabilities. 

In hopes of eliminating these common mistakes, I want to share with you a presentation that I often give to individuals looking to enhance their way of thinking about the very important area of Strategic Finance...