Webinar. Beyond Budgeting in Statoil - from managing to enabling performance.

A budget is often a strategic anchor rather than a tool that facilitates effective decision making.

Success in today’s world means innovative management models that release people from staffing bureaucracy and suffocating controls, and trusting them with information and empowering them to think, reflect, share, learn, and improve.

Join Bjarte Bogsnes, Senior Advisor Performance Framework at Statoil and Chairman at Beyond Budgeting Roundtable as he shares how Statoil has embraced the Beyond Budgeting principles to develop an “Ambition to Action Model”. This model has allowed Statoil to completely redefine their performance management. The company developed their holistic performance evaluation programme and leveraged dynamic forecasting and resource allocation to eliminate traditional budgets and to empower event-driven decision-making process across the enterprise.


Beyond Budgeting in Statoil: From Managing  to Enabling Performance



Wednesday, 23 May 2018


2 - 3 pm UK Time (the registration link will translate it to different time zones) 

  • Beyond Budgeting: key definitions and concepts
  • "Beyond Budgeting in Statoil: From Managing Performance to Enabling It". Presentation by Bjarte Bogsnes, Senior Advisor Performance Framework, Statoil and Chairman at BBRT
  • Conclusions and Recommendations


Bjarte Bogsnes, Senior Advisor Performance Framework,  Statoil and Chairman at BBRT



Larysa Melnychuk, CEO at FP&A Trends group and MD at International FP&A Board

Ernie Humphrey, CEO at 360 Thought Leadership Consulting